Monday, 13 April 2015

April so far

Without any internet connection at home it has been difficult to compose a new post. Facebook is so much quicker and easier to manage that is where most of the photos have gone - you don't need to sign up to view that so don't be put off.
A quick update while I have an internet connection - a Yellowhammer in the garden was a treat.
As you can see the GN Divers are coming into breeding plumage and preparing to leave our waters.
There are quite a few Pheasants wandering along the shore - it looks weird with the sea in the background!
A nice size comparison between WT Eagle and Golden Eagle.
The Redshank are starting to move away from the shore and search out a nesting area.
Plenty of Stonechats around but none on the nest yet but it won't be long.
I had eight Whooper Swans pay a visit last week - they will probably be the last until they return in the autumn.
I had an early run out and watched the sun rise while an Otter swam around in the loch and a WT Eagle drifted past - awesome!
The Crossbills are still showing well with the young bird being the most photographed.
The Red Deer stags have been popular but not with the motorists.
The migrant birds are starting to appear with lots of Northern Wheatear, Chiffchaff and the delightful Barn Swallows all putting on a show.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March - Out like a Lion

So much for the idea that if March comes in like a Lion it goes out like a Lamb - it's wet, windy and the ferries are cancelled again. Enough of that though.
Wildlife sightings have been pretty good over the last week. The Mountain Hares have performed well - poor picture but it was nice to see this one running about.
The WT Eagles will all be incubating eggs now but the final touches were still being added - the essential soft furnishings!
The good days have been awesome...
...the Red Deer seem to be hanging on to their antlers but they will be shed in the next couple of weeks.
A nice encounter with a Golden Eagle being mobbed by a Buzzard showed the size difference very well.
A particularly wet and windy day saw this Grey Heron sheltering on a river.
The feral Goats are still hanging around on the beach but they will soon drift off to the cliffs again.
Otter sightings have been difficult recently but it's not unexpected. Normal service will now resume!
I might be a bit quackers but not as quackers as this Mallard.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Home and away

An exciting time over the last couple of weeks. We had a quick trip down to Newcastle to see the family but I did manage to see the Golden Eagle being released before we left Mull.
It was nice to catch up with a few different birds while we were away - Purple Sandpiper, Coot, Moorhen, Shoveler...
...and Great Crested Grebe.
Back on Mull the Grey Herons are always good to photograph.
Some birds have nested already but some are just getting ready to settle down to breeding. This Buzzard seemed keen to use seaweed as a nest lining!
The first Northern Wheatears have arrived so spring is on it's way but there is still time for a bit more snow.
It was nice to see a sub-adult WT Eagle flying around outside the shop the other day.