Sunday, 19 October 2014

I was there

The island has gone quite quiet now so the wildlife is a bit easier to see from the road now. On the way to the shop in the morning this young stag was strutting his stuff - on his own but you have to practice somewhere!
John and June hadn't seen an Otter all week so they were delighted to catch up with the one I was watching coming to shore. At least they can say 'I was there'.
On the way home there was a very tame Redwing on the side of the road. It had probably just made landfall after a non-stop flight from Iceland.

Friday, 17 October 2014


After a week off it was nice to get back out and what a cracker it was! All three species of diver were picked up at our first proper stop - Black-throated first, then a couple of distant Red-throated then a few Great Northern Diver. No mistaking the bulk of a GND.
It all got a bit difficult after that but Golden Eagle, RB Merg and 3 Otters were the highlights. A GS Woodpecker was seen while we watched a couple of WT Eagle perched in the trees. There was also a good finish as we picked up a male Hen Harrier which perched up on a post.
An early start for the next tour paid off with plenty of roaring stags. This looks like it has a Saltire on it's nose.
An Otter was seen fishing in the loch, a Merlin flashed across the road and there were a few Goosanders hanging around.
A WT Eagle flew over as we watched a few Wigeon.
Another Merlin was seen just after we had views of two Hen Harrier. A couple of Golden Eagle and a WT Eagle were seen as we had lunch. Prolonged views of another Otter and a good sighting of WT Eagle in the afternoon but the Whooper Swans stole the show for me.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


This post has been a long time coming as all the photos were from the first two days in October. A trip out with Doc produced a couple of migrant birds. We saw a couple of House Martin and a single Whinchat.
We watched an immature Golden Eagle being mobbed by Ravens. They eventually forced the youngster to land and then left it alone.
One of the WT Eagles that we saw gave a good performance as it circled overhead...
...and, of course, there were plenty of Buzzards to see. Doc had to take this photo for me as it was on the wrong side of the car for me to take the shot.
The following day was just as good for raptors. A couple of WT Eagle were seen from a distance at our first stop but we changed location and watched the two young birds interacting as they drifted over us.
A few Common Teal were seen through the day so there were some of the winter migrants coming in but there are still very few GN Diver around. The lack of winter birds is probably due to the good weather. There were plenty of sightings to keep us going through the day but Golden Eagle was proving difficult to connect with. After a few failed attempts I decided to head back to one of the locations and connected with a bird at close quarters.
It was a great sighting but the biggest surprise was when the bird headed out over the water and carried on to the other side of the loch!