Thursday, 2 October 2014


Not the best of days for this tour as we had poor visibility for the whole day. Seeing a WT Eagle at our first stop settled everyone into the idea that we could have a good day.
It was never going to be easy but 4 Otters, Hen Harrier, Red Deer, Lapwing, Snipe and Gannet all helped. We also found a family party of Whooper Swan that had stopped for a rest on their journey south from Iceland.
The following day the weather had cleared and there was a lot more landscape to see. The Lapwings were a treat to see as they flew around.
Plenty of WT Eagles were seen on the day including this one that was doing a good impression of the caped crusader!
We only managed to see one Otter on this tour but one is better than none.
A Golden Eagle showed off it colours as it flew around at low level. It certainly looks a different bird when the light catches the underside.
When we tried to relocate that bird all we could find were a few Ravens.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


What a cracker of a day. Straight in with an obliging Otter...
...soon followed by a couple of Golden Eagles dropping out of the sky.
Another Golden Eagle was seen about a mile down the road but that soon disappeared as two WT Eagle turned up! It seemed to be an eagle day as we found a distant Goldie followed by another one much closer.
Enough of that though. A few Swallows were still lingering, a Yellowhammer was seen and a couple of Mountain Hare. We got two attempts at this male Hen Harrier but it was always heading away from us.
Bird of the day for me was this obliging Northern Wheatear.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Different stuff

The guests on this tour were not that interested in the big stuff but more interested in what else was around. We started off with both pipits, Lapwing and Skylark.
A flock of 300 Eider were quite impressive as they were spread along the loch and the guests were pleased to see a Golden Eagle at low level instead of their usual high flying sights.
We picked up Hen Harrier, WT Eagle, Little Grebe but it was the Stonechat that took pride of place.
A heavy shower slowed us down a bit but a pair of Slavonian Grebe were found as we drove along.
Another WT Eagle was seen and a Peregrine caused some havoc as it tried to take a Redshank. So it was nice to concentrate on the small stuff for a change and get a few photographs of different birds like this Wren.