Friday, 19 September 2014


I'm seeing the Common Crossbills every day at the moment but they usually disappear before anyone turns up for the tours. We get them on the tours fairly regularly but most of them are just flying over.
Golden Plover, Lapwing, Dunlin and single Knot gave us a good start to the day. Cracking views of a Common Buzzard perched up at the side of the loch.
A few Greenshank were sleeping on the shore at high tide.
A Yellowhammer performed well as we stopped to look at a couple of Meadow Pipit. A Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk were having a bit of a tussle over the forestry and a Northern Wheatear was seen bounding down the road before perching up on an overhead wire. A Golden Eagle put on a superb display before drifting off.
An adult WT Eagle was seen heading out to a skerry where it perched up while a pod of about 8 Porpoise were feeding offshore. A juvenile WT Eagle gave us some closer views as it circled overhead.
Another couple of Wheatear were seen...
...while a few Mountain Hare were seen keeping an eye on Buzzard that appeared to be feeding on beetles.
There were plenty of Skylark giving superb views as they ran around close by.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


A nice start to the day as there were still plenty of Gannets around.
While watching the Gannets feeding we located 3 WT Eagles on the ridge. They were fairly distant but nice to see them flying around and landing but one of the birds peeled off and flew overhead. We lost sight of the eagle when we were watching a Common Seal but I had just caught sight of it disappearing. A quick change of location gave us some spectacular views.
Plenty of waders to be seen through the day - Golden Plover, Greenshank and Redshank were the highlights. A pair of Golden Eagle kept us entertained for a while. Plenty of common birds were seen along the way, a single sighting of an Adder and a few Black Darters around too.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Don't worry

It's always a good idea to not worry about what you will see on a day out as most things put in an appearance eventually. What was forecast as a clear day turned into a bit of a showery day which stopped us seeing Adders at the start of the tour. Cracking view of Skylark, Stonechat and then a Whitethroat were highlights. You don't see too may Yellowhammers so three birds perched on a wall were stunners. Black Guillemot, Eider, Kittiwake and Red-throated Diver were all seen before we pick up an Otter. Once again it was good views through the scope but just a bit too far for the camera.
A distant WT Eagle and Golden Eagle were seen in the afternoon. A good number of Golden Plover, Greenshank, Ringed Plover another 2 Golden Eagle and a superb sighting of 4 Crossbill. We had seen a couple of Hen Harrier but the best was saved for last as we got a fly past from a sub-adult WT Eagle.
Just a couple that escaped the camera on the day, so these were taken the day after, were the numerous Gannets...
...and plenty of Dragonflies, most of the large ones appear to be Common Hawker.