Thursday, 29 January 2015

Duck weather

It's the usual January weather - mostly overcast. The sunny days do make up for it though. A quick trip out in the sunshine didn't produce a great deal but it was nice to see the Oystercatchers wandering around protecting their mates and making a lot of noise.
The local WT Eagles were sitting out on an island too far away for a decent shot but still an impressive sight.
The usual signs that spring is approaching Robins singing, Starlings in subsong...
...and the RB Mergs doing a lot of displaying.
The rainy days have been good for the ducks like this Common Teal standing in a slightly sheltered spot.
Just to make sure that you know that winter isn't over yet we get another covering of snow - it'll soon be spring!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Family

I had a nice start to the day when a male Hen Harrier was flying around outside the shop...
...then a few Red Deer wandered across the road.
A bit later in the morning I had a superb encounter with a family of Otters. They were just hauling out of the water when I caught sight of them. One of the cubs looked like it was suckling at one point but seeing them trying to sleep on mum was a bit special.
They were almost scared off when a Shag surfaced nearby then took off with a clatter but they soon settled down again.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A bit chilly

We had an early run out and found a few Red Deer sleeping at the side of the road in the snow. The sun wasn't up so it was a bit dark at the time.
The sun did come out a bit later on which gave us a chance to get a few more snaps. The Common Crossbills are present every day at Pennyghael Stores.
There are loads of Grey Heron as usual so getting one with a fish is something different so worth getting the camera out.
We were watching an Otter feeding just offshore and this Greenshank came wandering past.
The views were just awesome too...
 ...but you have to be quick because the snow won't stay too long beside the sea.
It's not that often that you get ice in the sea - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
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